ONLINE COURSE : Taking Charge Of Food Cravings - Leaving Frustration & False Beliefs In The Past (Anglais seulement!)


Improve & maximize your performance with this self-paced & actionable online video course that will help guide you through your sports nutrition journey!

Follow this activity-based comprehensive course to help you figure out WHY you crave and WHAT to do about it. This e-learning course is recommended for those dealing with food cravings and wanting to have better control of them.

Do you have food cravings throughout the day that make you reach too often for “cheats”, “treats” or “junk”? Do you eat so much during bouts of cravings that it throws off the rest of your day? Are you finishing your day on the couch, with a bag of chips, in front of the tv and then feeling guilty about it? Or maybe you are famished just before supper and you end out raiding the cupboards for something sweet?


As an athlete, these food cravings can throw off your recovery and affect your body composition goals.


Do you wonder: Where do food cravings come from? Will food cravings ever go away? 


Trying to find a solution to your food cravings on your own can be overwhelming. Attempting different ways to stop them can even make them worse. So where to go from here? Let me, Natasha McLaughlin-Chaisson, Sports Dietitian, walk you through the process of understanding WHY you crave & HOW to address those cravings while reducing the occurrence! Let me help you take control of your food cravings!






Whether you want to control food cravings to maximize performance outcomes, for body composition goals (reduce fat or gain muscle mass), or for health reasons, this course is here to help YOU!



The Science Behind Food Cravings, All In One Place!


With this online video-based course, you can get access to actionable evidence-based scientific advice at your own pace, on your preferred schedule and from anywhere you may travel!


This online course offers 1.5 hours of videos divided into 6 modules. It also includes worksheets and documents to use as guides. Are you tight on time? The modules are divided for quick viewing and the activities can be done at your pace.




#1 - To end food cravings, you must cut out the ‘cheats” like sugar or carbs. WRONG! It’s about balance. The best food craving control comes from allowing all foods and avoiding nothing.


#2- Food cravings are about will power. WRONG! Cravings are a body’s way of telling you it needs something. It’s up to you, with my guidance, to figure out what that is.

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Here is what you will learn:

Module 1 : WHAT Are Food Cravings?


Are cravings mental or physical?

Are cravings good?

Are cravings bad?

Are cravings normal?

Are cravings psychological?

Module 2: WHY Do We Crave?

Where do cravings come from?

Where do cravings start?

Why cravings occur?

Why cravings for sweets?

Where do sugar cravings come from?

Which hormones cause cravings?


Module 3: Meeting Physical Needs


What cravings mean or what cravings tell you?

How do cravings work?

How to stop cravings?

Once you know the WHY, the HOW, and how to reduce occurrence, we will address what to do when food cravings strike:


Module 4: Mindset Changes


Module 5 : Habit Changes


Module 6 : Long Term Goals

Join thousands of athletes who have already taken charge of their food cravings as you learn how to confidently address your cravings head-on!


Exciting BONUS!


Need accountability or motivation to get through it? By signing up for this course you will have access to a private group for course members only. Here, I will be able to help keep you focused, motivated & offer you BONUS material that is not included in the course.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What makes you qualified to teach this course?


I have been a sports dietitian in full-time private practice for over 10 years and I have a great deal of experience dealing with cravings in thousands of clients. I developed this actionable course to help you discover the answers to the questions I receive most often. The nutrition information provided is science evidence based.


Is it worth the price?


You are getting 1.5 hours’ worth of actionable video courses divided into 6 lessons for $67. This is a fraction of the cost of having personal sports dietitian consultations, which will cost you $125 hourly. Plus, you get access to this course for 12 months from home, work or during travel at times that suit you best!


How long will I have access to the course?

You will be able to access the course for 12 months after the date of purchase. This includes access to updates as the science evolves.



"I felt stronger today after eating better meals around my workouts. Thank you Natasha for this informative online course. Everyone has cravings for different reasons, this helped me figure out what was missing in my diet." 

Kristine Cormier -  Ironman Triathlete & Head Coach of Triathlon NB

''The videos are excellent, the perfect length, informative, and very well put together. You are an excellent teacher. Please continue creating these videos!''

 Mathieu Breau - P. Eng

So don't wait! Join me as I walk you through the nutrition tips & tricks to help you deal with food cravings. Take this opportunity to finally gain an understanding of what your body is telling you. With new habits & a new mindset you’ll be able to better move towards your goals without the restriction of food cravings.

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